Customer can also pay equal monthly instalment through our software in different tenure for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months for gold coins and 10 months for ornaments. Benefits and terms & conditions are given below-

Terms & conditions for kanakavarsha advance schemes.

  • Minimum advance is restricted to as applicable for each plan.
  • Payment of monthly instalments can be made through cash/bank. Member should ensure to collect receipt while making payments directly at the respective branch. If the total amount remitted is more than 2 lakhs for gold coin and 5 lakhs for jewelry, the payment shall come through bank/cheque or else tcs @ 1% will be collected from the total amount remitted and gold worth the balance amount will only be given to the customer.
  • This is purely a gold purchase plan. No refund of money is allowed under any circumstances under the same.
  • This is a 3 month/6 month/11 months 20 days scheme (as chosen by the customer).at the end of the scheme period the customer will get gold for the amount remitted at muthoottu royal gold, at the price on the date of billing with a bonus as per the scheme.
  • The customer has to pay the first advance amount at the time of joining and the future advance amounts shall be paid on the same day of next month, failing which the customer shall be deemed to have defaulted the payments. Five days grace period will be allowed to the customer for making defaulted payments. If not paid within the grace period, overdue interest@ rs.1 per 1000/- per day will be levied for the number of days delayed from the payment date will be charged. Payment of instalment/s beyond the stipulated period, or payment of more than one instalment together will not be entertained.
  • Final settlement of scheme will not be made in the form of cash but will be in the form of gold only and customer who defaulted and discontinued can consider only on maturity of the term.
  • If there is any extra amount after taking gold on maturity date, then it can be transferred to the next scheme/ gold purchased by paying the remaining amount on request, can give the gold equivalent to the excess amount.
  • All taxes and duties prevalent on the date of purchase will be applicable as per rules.
  • If the customer desires to take gold with an amount more than the maturity value then the customer need to pay the remaining amount and can take the gold.
  • The decisions of the management of m/s Muthoottu royal gold shall be final with respect to the scheme. If any dispute arises, the legal jurisdiction will only be at Ernakulam.
  • The period of this plan, due date of advance payment, final date of payment, maturity date of this plan and the minimum advance amount for each customer is separately attached as payment schedule based on the date of joining and will be treated as a part of this agreement.
  • The payment schedule attached shall be treated as a part of this agreement.
  • M/s muthoottu royal gold reserve all their rights to alter the terms and conditions of the scheme without prior notice and the purchaser will be bound by the alterations thus made.
  • The customer is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions at the time of joining.
  • Customer has to bring the pass book/card every month while making payments. The original book/card has to be surrendered at the time of taking delivery of the gold. The person, who has signed the application form, should sign on the invoice and gold purchase plan book/card at the time of purchase / taking delivery of gold.
  • In case the customer does not take delivery of the gold within 365 days from the enrolment date, sale invoice will be raised in the name of the customer towards sale of gold, applicable GST on sale value will be paid to the government and the gold' weight due to the customer will be held as "stock in custody" by the company till the customer takes delivery of the gold. The customer will be communicated/informed by the company in this regard by hard copy through registered post.
  • In case of change in address, loss of passbook/card, the company should be kept informed without any loss of time. The customer has to apply in writing for issue of duplicate card enclosing kyc requirements.
  • Under this gold purchase plan, minor cannot become an applicant/member. At the time of joining the gold purchase plan, the customer may appoint a nominee by furnishing KYC of both self and nominee.

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